Fallout 4 is Out!

Fallout 4 CoverWe decided this masterpiece release from Bethesda Softworks to be our first topic reviewed at our site, because of its highly originality and creditable.
Fallout 4 is a superb made RPG with everything you need to fully enjoy this kind of game for endless hours of never ending fun.
The game is supported for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So whatever you more prefer console or computer to play, you can choose what best suits for you.
This game gives you mega extraordinarily world and locations to explore, with post-apocalyptic atmosphere and various detailed rich all kind of monster to fight. In my eyes I would compare Fallout 4 to a

combination of GTA plus Oblivion or Skyrim, because the action runs in modern time but you can see monsters and mutants all around. And gameplay is similar to both of these. Collecting items, upgrading weapons and armors, meeting new people and making friendships and acquaintances. And of course there are RPGs elements developed to perfection. Each of weapons you can upgrade in many ways to each part. It’s same with clothes and all other attributes like endurance, health, strength, charisma, intelligence etc.

Side quests are spread wherever you go, and there will always be enough of them to satisfy everyone needs. From short mini games ones to big complicated ones which will take you hours to complete, you’ll have a feel this game is never ending.
It’s also useful to remember that each decision and move you make in a game will impact in its action later in happenings while you make progress. So it’s not over if you once finish it. You can start it many times again and its topic and actions can be different each time. That’s pretty amazing how their developers made a true masterpiece of it.
Fallout 4 Screenshot
The bad thing currently we heard around is some players reports various bugs at some parts of the game, especially at console versions. Like screen can freeze for a moments or something similar. This was also a case with Oblivion and Skyrim as well in their first versions. So we hope their developers will release bub fixes updates soon to fix these small problems.

Our last words will be this: If you want to try something completely new and unique to play, with beautiful detailed world to explore, exciting fighting effects, dangerous villains and gameplay elaborated to top, then you should definitely try Fallout 4! You’ll not regret it for sure, especially if you’re fan of previous Bethesda Softworks giants, Elder Scrolls. We totally recommend it!

Have fun and we’d be pleased if you share your opinions about your experience down in comment area!