PS4 Emulator for Android, Mac and PC is ready!

Have you ever wondered about is it possible to play PlayStation 4 games on other devices except console? There is. PS4Emus is a software just for this purpose. Programmers who made it possible enabled it not just for Windows PC, but other operating systems as well, which are Windows (They claim soon to add Windows phone as well), Mac OS X and Android for mobile phones and tablets. iOS support is coming soon as well.

PS4 Emulator

However at this time not all of PS4 games are possible to run with this software yet. This depends on device which is tried to play. Percentage go like this:
PC: 95% games are possible to play | Mac: 87% | Android: 65%
Android is much lower because of its specifications because mobile phones and tablets are still much weaker when it’s about specs power then computers.

To try and download this application visit its official website (link below). Go to files page where when you click the download button it will automatically redirect you to the right version depends on on what device you plan to use it.

Although it’s not that morally use these kind of tools to emulate console games to play them on other devices, because then SONY doesn’t earn anything and you’re breaking a law in some way. You can’t get sued for playing a games with this application but it’s just not morally right. And for some people who don’t have money to buy a PS4 console this app will be like a gift from God to them, if they’re fans of PlayStation games.

PC System Requirements
To have decent or above speed and quality while playing games, here are some minimal requirements your computer needs to have to run PS4 games like its console does.
* CPU with 3 cores (2GHz in each one) or better
* RAM 4GB or more
* Graphic card with 1GB memory or better


Download PS4 emulator for PC, Mac, Android & iOS from PS4 Emus‘ official website.

Watch out when you downloading this program (Or any other) to always get it from official sites and sources because hackers usually bound tools like this to their malware applications (viruses, trojan horses etc.) which can damage or harm your computer and privacy. Always scan the site and file and read reviews to make sure it’s the right one you want.

Bloodborne Emulator Android

Bloodborne running on Android phone

Uncharted 4 PC Android

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Until Dawn Emulator

Until Dawn

Some more titles we’ve played on this program include: Firewatch, The Witness, Street Fighter V, Infamous: Second Son, Dragon Quest Builders, The Last of Us: Remastered and some others.

NOTE: Game resolution will be different depending on which device you run them, and it will automatically adapt to provide you best possible quality your screen can handle. For example, graphics quality will be lower on older PC’s and smartphones then on never ones, which have more powerful hardware specifications to produce better resolution.

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Thank you for reading and enjoy with playing! 😉

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