Will Consoles die because Mobile games evolve fast?

Mobile gamesThis question has been discussed a lot recently in top gaming forums and blogs. As we can all see mobile games evolves so damn fast from month to month, year to year. And now when we compare some modern smartphone game to one from like 15 years old, like Snake one, which was the top one in beginning of this millennium we can see a huge difference from all possible aspects of looking, and biggest one we all see is a graphic quality. Back then it was almost impossible to imagine nowadays mobile games will look so realistic so like there is no difference from real life at all. So if we just think deeply and ask ourselves will we even need consoles in future if our mobile phones are so damn powerful now?

My opinion of this would be no matter how mobile games evolved (Even now they look even better then lets say previous generations of consoles like PS2, Xbox and such) consoles will still remain alive. Why – because some of us just want to lay down on our couch with controller in our hand and look at big screen in front of our eyes. This is a big advantage to a small mobile screens and of course when you type on cell phone for too long your hand will get hurt and numb. That’s why consoles are still big advantage!
BUT, there is a big possibility mobile phones will be able to act like consoles in future. That means you would be able to connect controller to it (This is even now possible) and TV as well. Then it would be completely same as you play on console.

So conclusion of this would be pretty clear now. Or if you think different explain below your thoughts.